Overview: Underground Water Tanks Melbourne

TANKLESS® Underground Rainwater Storage.  Minimum depth 700mm unique flexible modular system in shape,capacity,configuration & location.  From 2,200 ltrs for small blocks to 100,000 plus capacity we have the size to suit that we expertly install for you with a 7 year warranty. Call 1300 664 415 for a free site visit & quote. 

Suitable for both residential and commercial installation.

Existing Residential (front or rear yards, courtyards)
Existing Commercial (industrial building grounds)
Existing Properties
All properties under construction
Schools and Kindergartens
Institutional grounds and gardens
Grass playing fields
Public parks, sporting and recreational grounds
Swimming pool conversion to Tank

Pool conversion to underground rainwater tank in Melbourne
Underground rainwater tank covered by driveway in Melbourne

TANKLESS® Underground Rainwater Storage maximizes your rainwater collection capacity. Water your garden, wash your car (or boat), top up your pool or connect to your toilets and laundry with the peace of mind knowing you are using your own water and making your own contribution to its preservation.

Why TANKLESS – Pool to Water Tank Conversion?

    • Is tailor made for pools with the finished height level with existing coping/paving
    • Can be reversed back to pool at a later stage as a selling point
    • No Concrete breaking or hammering
    • Significant volumes of screening rock around the perforated coils adding weight and alleviating hydro-static issues of an empty pool when irrigating
    • Finished veneer can be veggie garden, lawn, native garden with a shallow pond decking, paving, synthetic turf

    Pool conversion with lawn covering underground water tank in Melbourne
    Pool conversion with garden bed covering underground water tank in Melbourne
    Process of pool conversion to underground water tank in Melbourne