Overview: Underground Water Tanks

Overview: Underground Water Tanks

Underground Water Tanks Safe-Tuff-Agile

Sink into Savings: Dive Deep with Tankless’ Cost-Efficient Underground Water Tank solution, Save Water, Save Money, Practice Sustainability!

“Tankless is a fully enclosed & filtered system. Engineer certified – not even your pet could get in. Traffic-able for cars & occasional heavy vehicles.”

25,500ltr Water storage features previous top recycles water through lawn & totally edible garden plants selected by the owner!

Underground Water Storage

Ideal for URBAN Homes simply. No cranes required & tailored for easy installation. Water your garden, wash your car or boat, top up your pool or connect to your toilets  with the peace of mind knowing you are using your own water and making your own contribution to its preservation.

Here is How it works
  • Water is stored in the baffled perforated pipes & within the rock sealed in by a dam liner. Water is filtered & pumped out via our integrated submersible pump  to access the water whenever you require it.
  • Low profile Underground Tank just 900mm deep perforated coils with high overflow pipe setting for a gravity flow to the point of discharge in 98% of our installs avoids complicating & expensive pumping wells most other tanks require additionally.
  • Submersible pump, self cleaning storm water filter & water level all enclosed in a lockable lid.
  • Available sizes 2,000 litre 3,000 litre 5,000 litre 10,000 Litre or unlimited size civil install multi stacking.

Features of Our Tankless Water Storage

Collects both roof & surface water. Pervious capped top that also helps with drainage. Recycles irrigation over the area of TANKLESS®. Underground Rainwater Storage is excavated to a minimum depth of 900mm. The unique modular system is flexible in shape, capacity, configuration & location. From 2,000 ltrs to 100,000 plus capacity we have the size to suit. Expertly install for you with a 10 year warranty.

Suitable for both urban residential and commercial installation.

  • 10 Years Tank Warranty.
  • University researched Manage Onsite Water Cooling of the Commons features Tankless underground water storage for good reason.
  • Top rated Google underground water tanks.
  • Reviews from customers that have had the Tankless in service for over Ten years.
  • Lowest profile underground water tank can go where other tanks can not.
  • Trafficable -Two Independent engineering testing & reports safe for cars & occasional heavy truck suitable for domestic driveways.
  • Unique filtration unit is set higher to achieve gravity flow to the point of discharge on most sites. This saves thousand of dollars in avoiding using expensive pumping stations.
  • Tankless installs its tanks.

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