Pool Conversion / Removal Adelaide

Pool Conversion / Removal Adelaide

Pool Conversion / Removal Adelaide

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Jenni a keen community gardener who set up a raised wicking beds with vegetables on the nature strip for the locals to enjoy thought she could also turn her back yard pool into fruit & vegetable growing plot.

Tankless set the water storage overflow at 350mm below the top of the old pool to accommodate organic rich top soil over the sealed pervious lid to grow to her hearts content.

You can value add a solution to convert your pool to a Tankless® underground water tank without the noise & mess of demolition & soil fill in with the added benefit of a massive water storage asset to use when you want & cover the top with soil or sports surface.

Another option is to break the pool up, remove the concrete & fill the cavity with soil fill. This can be difficult & expensive to do especially if there is limited access. You will find either way the cost is similar. One way you have a usable asset, the other you don’t.

Did you know you can make excellent use of your unwanted pool even with limited access as it is Safe, Tough & Agile to change it to an underground water tank with the surface changed to either an eco-friendly veggie garden, lawn or sports area to reclaim your back yard space with Tankless® in Adelaide.

Tankless core drill an inlet & overflow pipe in the side wall, place an everlast dam liner in the pool then add perforated coils that mould perfectly to the shape & contours of your pool to maximise water storage & backfilled with rock makes for a load bearing solution to accommodate any project you imagine at ground level. This system has been independently weight tested by Chadwick engineers using a flex test that is standard practice on road building projects.


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