Your Private Underground Oasis

Underground, the TANKLESS® rainwater catchment and storage system is out of sight… and out of mind until you want a plentiful supply to water your lawns, plants and garden, or even to wash your car or boat.

Suitable for both residential and commercial installation, TANKLESS® Underground Rainwater Storage can collect and store from 2,200 to 100,000+ litres.

TANKLESS® Underground Rainwater Storage has been developed after recognising the need for an effective & tailored to the site rainwater catchment and storage system as an alternative to domestic rainwater tanks and hi-tech grey water conversion systems.

The system can be installed in a variety of situations:

Existing Residential (front or rear yards, courtyards)
Existing Commercial (industrial building grounds)
Existing Properties
All properties under construction
Schools and Kindergartens
Institutional grounds and gardens
Grass playing fields
Public parks, sporting and recreational grounds
Swimming pool conversion to Tank

With water restrictions set to escalate, TANKLESS® Underground Rainwater Storage maximises your 
rainwater collection capacity. Water your garden, wash your car (or boat), top up your pool or connect to your toilets and laundry with the peace of mind knowing you are using your own water and making your own contribution to its preservation.

Please watch our Case Study for more info.