Won’t the excavation damage other pipes and lines already under the ground?

As with any work of this kind, all services will be identified (Dial Before You Dig) prior to excavation. The advantage of installing a TANKLESS® Underground Rainwater Storage Unit is that the dimensions can be tailored to a configuration that best suits your site – by doing so, obstructions can be avoided.

  Will it overflow when full and flood my yard?

No – the overflow pipe reconnects to your property’s storm water system.

  Will the pump start automatically?

Yes – it has a low pressure sensor so when you turn the tap on the pump will start and when you turn the tap off, the pump will stop.

  Is TANKLESS safe to walk or drive on and can my pets fall into it?

TANKLESS® has been independently weight tested to Australian Standards to 3 tonne (3000 kgs) – that’s twice the weight of a car! Once more, TANKLESS® unique design means it is completely enclosed so your pets will be safe too.

  What about leaves that get into the guttering – won’t they block the system?

Included in the installation of your TANKLESS® Underground Rainwater Storage Unit is a pre tankless filtration system that separates leaves and sediment from the water down to 180 Microns. U shaped filter significantly increases your water catchment efficiency & reduces the hassle of cleaning through self flushing. It can be removed easily for a manual clean if desired depending on the environmental conditions. 

  Won’t tree roots penetrate the unit?

The multi layer liners – repel roots to take a path of least resistance. This is similar to the traditional method for controlling roots, which involves digging a trench around the roots and placing a double layer of shade cloth or geo fabric around the outside of the trench which forces the root to take an alternate path of least resistance, usually vertically downwards or back on it self. Also, in most species of trees, the root system is in proportion to the width of the tree canopy.

Please watch our Case Study for more info.