DIY Easy Kit

DIY Easy Kit




TANKLESS® Easy Kit –
DIY Water Tank Installation

TANKLESS® collate & supply fittings, liners, filters, pumps & water storage coils tailored to your site at bulk buying pricing along with detailed instructional videos & support. Scan the QR code that comes with your Easy Kit.  Available outside of Melbourne.

Benefits of the Easy Kit

Proven performer that has stood the test of time, minimises labour required through easy to manage & ease of install with lightweight materials that can be easily modified to tackle any underground challenges. Safe Agile Tough.

What’s inside the Easy Kit?

Submersible pump 80 litre per min. DWV PVC 100mm pipe fittings 25mm pressure pipe fittings, end caps ,rubber clamping fittings, tape, storm water filter, purple tap & wall mount, irrigation filter, 150mm x 2 slotted pipe, plastic stake inspection housing & lid.

Also available are DWV fittings & storm water pipe, pressure pipe, rain to mains controller for toilet flushing, pressure pipe fittings & irrigation pipe.

How do you Install the Easy Kit?

We have detailed instructional videos in segments to easily find the information for the stage you are at, planning & considerations, excavation & prep. Taking care of the waterproofing Linings & protective membranes. Rolling coils into the sump & placement. Positioning the pervious vertical well tubes & covering the tops. Choosing Rock 20mm screenings, moving the rock into the sump area. Types of back filling machines options & maximum capacity.

Filter install & piping along with gravity gradings. Install the submersible pump, power lead & conduit extending out of Tankless for your plumber & electrician to connect to.

Choice of veneers (finished top, eg lawn, vegetable garden, paving, decking, pergola over the top or concrete or pervious material driveway.

Comparison: Easy Kit vs. Other Underground Tanks

Flexibility without any design flaws. Ease & speed of installation. Patent application is based on it’s unique load bearing capabilities unmatched by other modular systems & its ease of modifying should you encounter unexpected rocks or even the water table as you are excavating.

The system can be installed with only two workers quickly & efficiently.

Other tanks : Flat pack create systems require multiple people to install efficiently.

Arch system lacks the ability to multi stack in limited area.

Conventional underground tanks lack flexibility & may require cranes to lift into the area, usually restricted in metropolitan areas with trees, power lines ect. Set dimensions means the site has to be right for the tank. Point of difference Tankless shapes the tank to the site.

Additionally Tankless can also solves drainage issues & also collects surface rainwater and reclaims irrigation above the tank with it’s pervious lid.

Being fully enclose with its proven filtration system Tankless is rock solid making it the safest system on the Market.

Why should I purchase the Easy Kit?

The system materials are mass produced & being a wholesale manufacturer we can offer the product at greatly reduced pricing along with the ability to also supply you with additional plumbing & irrigation supplies to extend to other parts of your project.

Value adding to your business or DIY with a proven performer with many 5 star google reviews from customers that have used system on their property for over 14 years.

You will save time & labour & easily overcome any unforeseen obstacle in your project.

We ship Australia wide.


Tankless is independently weight tested & conducted by engineers that specialize in road building testing & other weight testing. Full report is on our website.

Where do you install it? We prefer under the lawn as you gain the benefit of the pervious top & the overflow can be installed quite shallow to gain a gravity flow to the point of discharge. This eliminates the need to add additional pumping station to lift up to flow out the overflow. ideally the lawn install is best where the storm water is flowing by to maximise water catchment. Either front or back yard.

We also install under the driveway with either concrete or flexible paving veneer. This is suitable for cars & the occasional heavy truck. The tankless is set deeper in the ground with additional crushed rock top base compacted with a 3 ton roller then the veneer finish. Rock solid piece of mind.