Design Systems

The clever TANKLESS® design (Patent Pending No. 2008202011) utilises a shallow underground cavity to collect roof and surface rainwater and can be connected to your storm water system to capture every single drop, including surface rainwater falling on paved and other areas.

An electrical pump capable of pumping a minimum of 80 litres a minute, switches on automatically and draws water up and through a standard garden tap when the tap is turned on.

TANKLESS® is inconspicuous and flexible in design, allowing the most to be made of above ground space in a way which best suits individual needs. But what differentiates TANKLESS® from other underground solutions on the market is its innovative design.

Diagrammatic Representation of a Tankless Installation

Unlike other underground options:

  • TANKLESS® has a multi liner system which prevents against possible leakage,
  • TANKLESS® uses significant volumes of screenings (20mm rock) in its construction, thereby adding weight to the system and alleviating hydrostatic issues associated with in-ground products such as pools and tanks i.e. the weight of the screenings holds the water storage cells securely in position in the ground preventing movement,
  • Because of the screenings, TANKLESS® is more solidly constructed with the screenings surrounding each water storage cell forming “pillars” or “columns” within the tank serving to strengthen its load bearing capacity,
  • The screenings also significantly enhance the water quality and filtration within the system,
  • TANKLESS® can also be designed to become a Retention/Detention and Retention system. Many developments require owners to install systems which detain storm and rainwater runoff for short periods to reduce peak flow rates. This helps address broader environmental issues caused by excessive run off and ensuring the effectiveness of existing infrastructure drains is not compromised. Use of slotted water retention coils and significant volumes of screenings provide natural baffling within the system.

TANKLESS® optimizes space, amenity, visual appeal, safety and harvesting rainfall and thoughtful water storage management are critical.


Excavation of driveway complete and liners placed
Slotted water retention coils in position ready for backfill with Screenings (20mm rock)
Finished product ready for client to drive on Out of Sight!


Excavation of sump in front yard
Slotted water retention coils in position being backfilled with screenings (20mm rock) forming columns of rock with the bobcat – super strong!
Finished product with reclaimed turf cut from original front lawn Out of Sight!
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