Conversion / Removals Sydney

Conversion / Removals Sydney

Conversion / Removals Sydney

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Clever solution to convert your pool to a Tankless® underground water tank without the noise & mess of demolition & soil fill in with the added benefit of a massive water storage asset to use when you want.

The average size pool after conversion To Tankless® holds around 30,000 Litres of water. It sounds like a lot but you will be surprised how much water you use watering the garden & lawn. In the heat of summer believe me you will use it quite easily through drip systems & pop-up sprinklers. In the early 2000 to 2011 drought, it was common for us to excavate front or back lawns to install 20,000 litres to 50,0000 litres underground water storage in established suburban homes. The average amount was 25,000 litres installed so from that experience an average of 30,000 litre pool conversion is a spot-on amount for a suburban home.

Did you know you can make excellent use of your unwanted pool even with limited access to change it to an underground water tank with the finish veneer to either an eco-friendly veggie garden, lawn or sports area to reclaim your back yard space with Tankless® in Sydney.

Tankless core drill an inlet & overflow pipe in the side wall, place an everlast dam liner in the pool then add perorated coils that mould perfectly to the shape & contours of your pool to maximise water storage & backfilled with rock makes for a load bearing solution to accommodate any project you imagine, finished at ground level.

No more ugly fences that require to be maintained & checked by council.

This also frees & opens up your back yard.

No more chemicals to buy each month to keep the pool clean.

On going maintenance of the pool are gone with the endless cost of upkeep.

Save on your water bills with the water saved instead & enjoy the freedom of more valuable space to create a more environmentally functional back yard.


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