Conversion / Removal Sydney

Conversion / Removal Sydney

Conversion / Removal Sydney

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Maybe you have just purchased the property& don’t want the upkeep of the pool or the pool hasn’t been used for a long time but you still have to maintain itwith endless amounts of chlorine to keep it clean. The pool pump has stopped working,the tiles are falling off & there is a leak in the pool. The council insist the pool fence does not meet the new standards. Soit’s hard to justify paying for all these issues when it’s not being used & just becoming a cash splash instead.What are my options? Here is a solution to utilise the existing cavity to create a drought proof water storage with the pervious top sealed to have a lawn, vegie garden,a flat area on maybe a steep block (that’s gold) that the kids can use as a basketball court? Investigate the clever solution to convert your pool to a Tankless® underground water tank without the noise & mess option of demolition & soil fill in with the added benefit of a massive water storage asset to use when you want. Tankless has been converting pools since 2008 & are still in use today with virtually no maintenance with our fool proof design today.

The average size pool after conversion To Tankless® holds around 30,000 Litres of water. It sounds like a lot but you will be surprised how much water you use watering the garden & lawn. In the heat of summer believe me you will use it quite easily through drip systems & pop-up sprinklers. In the early 2000 to 2011 drought, it was common for us to excavate front or back lawns to install 20,000 litres to 50,0000 litres underground water storage in established suburban homes. The average amount was 25,000 litres installed so from that experience an average of 30,000 litre pool conversion is a spot-on amount for a suburban home.

Did you know you can make excellent use of your unwanted pool even with limited access to change it to an underground water tank with the finish veneer to either an eco-friendly veggie garden, lawn or sports area to reclaim your back yard space with Tankless® in Sydney.


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