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Maximizing Water Efficiency in Australian Gardens with Tankless

Australia's climate presents unique challenges for gardeners, with periods of drought and water restrictions being common. To maintain a lush and thriving garden while conserving water, it’s essential to adopt water-efficient practices. Tankle...

Artificial Grass Williamstown
Transform Your Home with Green and Water-Efficient Solutions: Discover Tankless

As the need for environmental sustainability grows, more homeowners are seeking ways to make their homes greener and more water-efficient. One of the most impactful changes you can make is adopting innovative water management solutions. Tankless...

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The Ultimate Guide to Residential Water Tank Solutions: Why Tankless is a smart Choice

In Australia, water conservation is a pressing concern, and more homeowners are turning to residential water tanks as a solution. Among the options available, Tankless offers a standout underground water tank solution that caters to various resi...

Limited Access Pool Removal Melbourne
Pool Back to the Future

Pool remains intact with protected liners Safe multi...

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For Drought & Flooding Rain™

Protect your rural property from fire with a dedicated underground water storage with fire authority std fittings. It makes sense to bury your tank under the earth for fire with a submersible pump deep down the shaft away from the heat. Wi...

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Love the House but Loathe the Pool in Bendigo, Ballarat & Shepparton / Country VIC

Discover what Melbournians early adopters are using to safeguard their gardens abundantly. Tankless has the perfect eco solution that transforms your back yard space & gives you the freedom to water when you want. Landscape ideas such as a...

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Love the House but Loathe the Pool?

Are you thinking about buying a house but there is a pool out back that you just don’t want. It is a fact that 1 in 6 pool owners are calling time on the pool. Tankless has the perfect conversion solution if you want, A more su...

Pool Conversion Malvern East
Excess water & houses are not a good mix & can be hard to fix.

Water getting under the house can undermined the house footings. Two of our customers in 2023 had these problems or concerns. one was a house that was positioned on the lower part of a hill & the other client wanted to fill his unused swimmi...

Are you thinking of removing my pool but need more information?

Is the pool never or rarely used? Is your pool a danger to small kids elderly or pets? Does the pool security fencing need an upgrade? Is ongoing cost of maintaining your pool tiresome? ...

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Conversion / Removals Sydney

Clever solution to convert your pool to a Tankless® underground water tank without the noise & mess of demolition & soil fill in with the added benefit of a massive water storage asset to use when you want. The average size pool after conver...

Pool Conversion Reservoir
Pool Conversion / Removal Brisbane

What are my options when I don’t want my inground swimming pool anymore? You can value add a solution to convert your pool to a Tankless® underground water tank without the noise & mess of demolition & soil fill in with the added benefit ...

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Conversion / Removal Sydney

Maybe you have just purchased the property& don’t want the upkeep of the pool or the pool hasn’t been used for a long time but you still have to maintain itwith endless amounts of chlorine to keep it clean. The pool pump has stopped working,...

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Pool Conversion / Removal Adelaide

Jenni a keen community gardener who set up a raised wicking beds with vegetables on the nature strip for the locals to enjoy thought she could also turn her back yard pool into fruit & vegetable growing plot. Tankless set the water storage ov...

Should You Build A New Pool in 2023?

Does a swimming pool add value to your home? Yes, a swimming pool can add value to your home, but the amount of value it adds can vary depending on several factors. Firstly, the location of your property plays a role in determ...


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