About Us

Underground, the TANKLESS® rainwater catchment and storage system is Out of sight… and out of mind until you want a plentiful supply to water your lawns, plants and garden, or even to wash your car or boat.

Since 2008 Tankless has been installing underground water storage linking with irrigation, a finish of lawn, artificial turf, also under driveways in new & established homes taking care to protect infrastructure & ensuring the property has been enhanced by us working there.

If you are looking for an ♻️ eco friendly way to remove your old swimming pool and claim your garden back then TANKLESS has a great solution.  We convert your old swimming pool into an underground rainwater catchment and storage system, without having to break up and dispose of your pool. This saves on labour and landfill costs. You can then store water 💧 to irrigate your garden with no unsightly water tank sitting above ground.


Tankless is illustrated in the Western Sydney University developed Cooling the Commons Pattern Deck-Manage on Site Water

Collecting & Storing quality roof & surface water

Synlawn Classic Range 35mm,45mm and Classic 40 GT made from Sugar Cane

Temperature of various surfaces taken at 1pm sunny 26° day