Your private underground oasis

Underground, the TANKLESS® rainwater catchment and storage system is out of sight and out of mind… until you want a plentiful supply to water your lawns, plants and garden, or even to wash your car or boat.

Suitable for both residential and commercial installation, TANKLESS® Underground Rainwater Storage can collect and store from 1,000 to 100,000+ litres.

Importantly, TANKLESS® Underground Rainwater Storage requires absolutely zero space above ground whilst maximising rainwater catchment.

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TANKLESS® can be upgraded to a Class 5 Heavy Truck/Traffic finish which makes it perfect for installation under your driveway or carport.

Case Study
View: Driveway Installation

TANKLESS® is ideal for private residences and can be installed either in back or front yards or under driveways. A great way to harvest water for your garden, washing the car, connecting to your toilet or even “topping up” your swimming pool.

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View: Residential Installation

TANKLESS® is tailor made for pool conversions. If you have an unwanted or unused swimming pool, why not ask TANKLESS® to convert it to an underground water storage system.

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View: Pool Conversion

TANKLESS® provides a cost effect solution for commercial applications and can cater solutions where capacity greater than 100,000 litres is required.

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Under Development

The TANKLESS® option is ideal for schools.Being underground, a TANKLESS® rainwater storage installation, as an alternative to above ground tanks, saves space and precious school recreation area. More info about schools...

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View: East Malvern Valley Primary School